Leviathan – Scar Sighted

“The album preserves the brutal and erratic statements of past works, fear not, but there´s a newfound avant-garde songwriting and keen sense of small progressive touches found in many of the songs.”

BAND: Leviathan
ALBUM: Scar Sighted
GENRE: Avantgarde Extreme Metal
LABEL: Profound Lore Records
YEAR: 2015
LINK: Leviathan (unofficial page)

Numerous bulks of CD-R demos and compilations alike plus a handful of striking full-lenghts, have garnered U.S. underground mammoth Leviathan a widely known reputation in the Extreme Metal environment. The whole story of Jef Whitehead, also known as Wrest in Leviathan context, runs on emotional straining, alienation and a musical talent that keeps the pulse going. The fact that the guy has endured constant everyday strifes with reality and the world within himself for so long, shows a profound angle now that Jef´s struggled his way to a shinier pedestal, where he´s conjured up what is likely to be his most disturbing work yet.

Scar Sighted
Scar Sighted

“Scar Sighted” is released via Profound Lore Record, a much more stable platform to give Leviathan´s emotionally heated works the treatment they deserve. The album preserves the volatile and erratic statements of past works, fear not, but there´s a newfound avant-garde songwriting and keen sense of small progressive touches found in many of the songs.

After a seance-like intro, “The Smoke Of Their Torment” and “Dawn Vibration” (features blissful Emperor lead guitar squeals) introduce Death Metal frameworks but still with the “steady” additions of poisoning aesthetics and tremendously layered madness that has always been a main feature of the songwriting. It´s the rapturous outbursts and clever, diverse ideas that really come together in such a emotionally draining way.

Leviathan Photo credit: Stevie Floyd
Photo credit: Stevie Floyd

“Gardens Of Coprolite” and “Wicked Fields Of Calm” tread more familiar territory, while still being experimental at heart, however the outro passage of “A Veil Is Lifted” leading into the ten minute musical psychosis of the title track, that´s where things really take an interesting turn for me. “Scar Sighted”, the track, plunges into an emotional chasm combined with Jef´s pleadings for mercy through almost inhuman shrieking as the slow, agonizing, doomy tempos trample along with obscure guitar and keyboard arrangements, an atmosphere that really gets under my skin, definitely a highlight of several on the album.

Closing with “All Tongues Towards” and “Aphonos”, I have no doubt whatsoever in my conclusion that Leviathan has with this album again raised the bar in Extreme Metal music. These are such unsettling atmospheres conjured up through an avant-garde approach and natural impulses, Mozart and Wagner would be proud of this eccentric work of art. 9/10


1. –
2.The Smoke Of Their Torment
3. Dawn Vibration
4. Gardens Of Coprolite
5. Wicked Fields Of Calm
6. Within Thrall
7. A Veil Is Lifted
8. Scar Sighted
9. All Tongues Toward
10. Aphonos

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  1. I think you got it spot on here. I had modest expectations for this album,since I was a bit dissapointed with the “True Traitor..” -album. Scar Sighted is very complex,this album needed several listenings to get trough my ear-wax. He is a uniqe musician.
    I have bookmarked your page now,because-as you- I have been into extreme metal since early 90’s, I think you might be able to give me some tips about interesting music from past & present which I am not aware of.

    My compliments to you & your talent with words.. (your english is so much better than mine 🙂

    Best regards Mads Hårklau, Norway.


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