Australasia – Notturno

“Starting from a simple keyboard or guitar arrangement, layers are added as the songs progress, I particularly like the way the guitar melodies are weaved into the fabric of the songs.”

BAND: Australasia
ALBUM: Notturno
GENRE: Blackened Post Rock / Electronica
LABEL: Apocalyptic Witchcraft Recordings
YEAR: 2015
LINK: Australasia

I feel like I´ve dabbled extendedly within the genres of Doom Metal and Black Metal this year. A change was inevitable. The whole point of Extreme Metal Voyager is to seek out different kinds of music, and with instant access to resources where one can discover a near endless amount of music, you´ll always find something that excites you and is different.

Australasia is a one man project from Italy, a wanderer of sorts, channeling contrasting influences into the compositions. This entity is being plugged as an evolutionary project that´s on the move constantly. Whether the name is due to the suggestive voyaging component (Australia and Asia being weaved together) I´ve yet to confirm, someone pointed out to me, that the Post Metal band Pelican has an album titled “Australasia”, so I don´t know what to believe. Life is harsh when not knowing.


“Notturno” is an instrumental album that takes you on a journey through various inspired scenarios through the aesthetics of Post Rock coiled around eighties electronica and soaring riffs that have  equal amounts of Black Metal and Shoegaze qualities to them. There´s usage of spoken words sample on some of the tracks, but overall there´s a very explicit blueprint in motion on most of the album´s duration. There were a couple of moments while listening to this album, where I had a feel of dejavu, and pretty soon it dawned on me, that “Notturno” shares the atmospheric qualities of Atoma´s debut album “Skylight” albeit being a more reflective one and not as dynamic.

Of course there are dynamics at work, conveyed in a specific manner. The flow of the music is dreamlike and continuous, it´s an album you want to listen to as a whole. Starting from a simple keyboard or guitar arrangement, layers are added as the songs progress, I particularly like the way the guitar melodies are weaved into the fabric of the songs. The exception to the aforementioned songwriting format are the ending, piano based title track and the track “Invisible”, featuring uplifting tribal vocalization courtesy of a Mina Carlucci.

Australasia photo

The escapism factor is extremely substantial on this record. You can almost sense the surroundings projected from the soundscapes of the songs, and if you take a look at the visual side (a couple of videos have been released), you´ll soon find out that Australasia has an artistic approach that´s very compelling, perhaps resembling a dream from your childhood. 7/10

1. Nebula
2. Eden
3. Kern
4. Creature
5. Invisible
6. Haxo
7. Amnesia
8. Lumen
9. Notturno


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