Enshine – Singularity

“Singularity” is a very exciting thread in the evolution of extreme metal’s backbone; the atmospheric density that is constructed out of vast influences is breathtaking.

GENRE: Doom/Death Metal
LABEL: Rain Without End Records
COUNTRY: Sweden / France
YEAR: 2015
LINK: Enshine


  1. Dual Existence
  2. Adrift
  3. Resurgence
  4. In Our Mind
  5. Astrarium Pt. II
  6. Echoes
  7. Dreamtide
  8. The Final Trance
  9. Apex


This album has been lying around in my office for far too long without getting further examination. One of my most anticipated releases of 2015, Enshine’s second full-length “Singularity” only got briefly mentioned in my recommendation list. Alas, a mere mentioning won’t suffice, so here’s the full review.

Enshine is the brainchild of Jari Lindholm, a person I hold in high regard when it comes to guitar playing and songwriting. I’ve followed his works in bands like Slumber and Exgenesis, although I’ve yet to check out his post-rock project Seas Of Years. What really makes Enshine a grand atmospheric beacon is Lindholm’s keen sense of dynamic guitar layers that are the midpoint of his songwriting. There’s a strong reflective trademark encapsulated in his arrangements of riffs and melodies that can easily lead to extensive musings if the setting is right.

Singularity cover artwork

Like I’ve previously stated elsewhere, “Singularity” was worth the wait. Everything the debut had has been amplified; the songs are refined with even greater balance between engaging riffs, multiple weeping guitars leads and jarring chords and lush keyboard ambiences. All tracks are beautifully arranged and executed with dazzling style. The drumming on this album has a semi progressive approach in places but primarily keeps a steady tempo as to complement the plethoras of transcendental guitar and keyboard arrangements, adorned with that recognizable brand of illuminating reverbs and delays.

Lindholm’s songwriting companion Sebastien Pierre (Fractal Gates, Inborn Suffering) roams within the songs like a dreamtide spectre gushing out brutal growls and shrieks, expressing the woeful earthly status quo and desires of breaching an inner realm with clear sight. I keep being inspired by this album the more I listen to it, so many highlights to point out still; the full on metal epicness of “Resurgence”, the radiant chorus melodies of “In Our Mind”, my personal favorite “The Final Trance” (the track goes apeshit legendary around the four minute mark) and the tranquil instrumentals “Astrarium Pt.II” and “Apex”. Fifty minutes of captivating songwriting.

To label this as doom/death metal is of course a huge limitation. “Singularity” is a very exciting thread in the evolution of extreme metal’s backbone; the atmospheric density that is constructed out of vast influences is nothing short of breathtaking. I’ll close this review on a philosophical note and pro-actively advocate this soundtrack to the quietude in the air, to the echoes of our origins, to the lonely dawn, the very soundtrack to our ascension. Enshine is an important counterstatement towards the mundane music climate of the new millennium. In layman’s terms: An outstanding album! Tune in NOW!

Mark: 9/10

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