During the next couple of weeks, I will move my coverage to a different subject. The focus will lie on Wacken Metal Battle, the Faroese edition. Despite the isolated location and a small population, there is a tangible metal scene on The Faroe Islands. You might have heard of Týr? Of course you’ve heard of Týr. Other bands include Hamferð, SIC, Earth Divide and Synarchy, all of them having released albums, played abroad and garnered international responses.

Artwork credit: Eija Mäkivuoti


All of the abovementioned bands (except Týr) have also participated in the Faroese edition of Wacken Metal Battle. For those not familiar with the concept; Wacken Metal Battle is a music contest that gathers over forty countries all across the globe. I’m not going to retell all of its history, so if you want more information, it can be read here. 18. March will see the fourth edition of the Faroese Wacken Metal Battle after having a pause in 2015. The event is organized by the metal community group Upp við Hornunum, a core of metal enthusiasts working to promote the scene. The group recently announced that twelve bands have entered the competition, making it the highest participation count so far. The first four bands were announced yesterday, so let’s move along and present them shall we?

Sun Magnet

One of the more recent bands to pop up, Sun Magnet are a trio located in Suðuroy playing a form of classic metal with a tinge of stoner rock and seventies vibes. The logo screams “Master’s Of Reality” and so does the music. The band has already played a few concerts and put out one demo track on their youtube channel titled “Salvagers”, check it out below!


The Happening

This band started out in 2011 if my memory serves me right. I remember seeing them for the first time that year in a garage in Runavík and instantly liked the raw energy of the performance and the songs. They’ve been working on an EP on and off for the past two years, I think they might have been on a short break in 2014. “Hot Blooded Woman” was released as a single a month ago and it reeks of well-done whiskey rock, spearheaded by a raunchy groove and punchy vocals from the legendary Anselm Højgaard.


Reduced To Ash

Here’s a band with a steady and interesting development. Formed in 2012, Reduced To Ash have often been labeled as the next exciting thing coming from the Faroese Metal scene. I really liked what they were doing on the demo, sadly I haven’t gotten around to listening properly to their debut album “Conceit”, which was released a few months ago, but what I’ve heard so far sounds killer. The band’s own take on melodic death metal has also sparked some media interest abroad with a slot at Eistnaflug Festival in July being another neat feature. Check out the track “Reflection” below.



Straight up death metal with brutal lyrics. That’s the mission statement of Goresquad. The band was formed in 2014 featuring members from Earth Divide, Hamferð and Reduced To Ash. So far, an EP has been released, titled “Mutilation Chamber” with another one in the making as I write this. The title track of said EP can be heard below, put on your best dance shoes!


So that’s four bands announced with eight more to go. Besides boasting twelve bands into a one-day event, a headliner has also been announced prior to the first batch of competing bands. The headliner this year is the folk rock/metal band Hamradun (also featured elsewhere on my blogsite), which I find to be a very fitting closure to end the biggest metal marathon on The Faroe Islands. This band of experienced musicians celebrate all things Faroese, which is also what this night is about; Faroese Metal screaming in the night!

Stay tuned for more coverage of the Faroese Wacken Metal Battle in the coming days!!

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