For those who missed it the first time around, my focus the next couple of weeks will be on the Faroese Wacken Metal Battle, which celebrates its fourth edition on 18. March and is being organized by the metal community group Upp við Hornunum. Originally it was announced that twelve bands were participating, but it’s clear now that there will be eleven bands instead, which still makes it the highest count of bands ever to be featured in the competition. Four more bands where announced yesterday, and thusly the zany rundown at Extreme Metal Voyager continues.

Artwork credit: Eija Mäkivuoti


In Parallel

I’m not familiar with this new band from Klaksvík. Formed in 2015, they’ve been pretty active in demoing songs during the short time of existence, and the various clips show an interesting progression. The band works around a blueprint of modern rock/metal centered around mellow and emotive female vocals. The track “Unseen Clarity” has a pretty distinct atmosphere somehow even though this is pretty contemporary in style. Curious to see how this will work onstage.


Iron Lungs

These guys… are a phenomena that’s manic and off the wall regarding stage performance, music identity and well everything. They’ve been around for a few years without releasing any music per se but have performed quite a few concerts by now. I always enjoy their concerts because they’re energetic, entertaining and musically interesting. Someone said “Math Art Core”; when you’ve got a song-title like “A Scream From The Spectral Universe”, I think you automatically qualify. Check out the live performance of said track below.



Next up, something a bit lighter. Slýggj are a relatively new band from Tórshavn playing simple and honest rock songs that are catchy and have a clear grunge influence and also contemporary metal stylings. A simple setup but pretty catchy in my opinion. They’re working on a vinyl release, which shouldn’t be too far from a release date. Check out a live performance of the song “Nail” below.



This band is completely new and hasn’t released any music at all. Svartsalt are a newly formed trio writing and performing harsh music with misanthropic lyrics. Since no music is available, I had to go to the source for references. “Expect something blackened, something deathly and something groovy”… those were the words from one of the band members. Sounds brutal. My curiosity breeds more curiosity! Can’t wait to see this onstage.

So that’s eight bands presented plus Hamradun being the headliner. The time draws nearer and you can almost feel the metallic tremors starting to ignite as we’re one week from the event. Check back to this space in the coming days for more coverage on the Faroese Wacken Metal Battle.

Check out the first batch of bands presented here

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