Audiofeast special – Faroese Metal

I’ve wanted to make a special type of “audiofeast” ever since starting the theme back in january. The timing is perfect now and what better way than starting in my home country as we’ve got a big event coming up tomorrow.


The fourth edition of the Faroese Wacken Metal Battle is taking place in less than 24 hours. Eleven bands are lined up this year, making it the biggest participation count the competition has had so far. The event is being put together by the metal community group Upp við Hornunum. Last week I worked out a three-part write up about the bands competing this year. Most of these bands represent a new wave, being an extension of the Faroese metal scene that has slowly been building up since the new millennium. For such a small country, there’s a pretty big output of metal bands and the trend seems to be continuing with the aforementioned record count of bands participating the Metal Battle tomorrow.

Therefore, to celebrate the scene, the past and the present, and the event tomorrow of course, I’ve compiled a playlist with some of my favourite songs from the various faroese metal bands. I’ll be using this as a warm-up for tomorrow metalfest! To my readers from abroad, I hope you’ll find something interesting in this playlist. Check it out!

Extreme Metal Voyager digital domains:
Spotify: extrememetalvoyager

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