Hamferð and the solar eclipse

“…eg síggji ongar varðar har teir vóru…”

Today marks the one year anniversary of a special video clip. On 20. March last year, at precisely 9:41 am, The Faroe Islands experienced a solar eclipse. Naturally, this event was huge thing and drew a lot of attention with everyone being excited about this cosmic encounter.

Three guys had different plans though. Theodor Kapnas, Jón Aldará and John Àki Egholm, comprising half of the extraordinary doom metal band Hamferð, took to a barren site above the village of Kvívík and shot this baffling jaw-dropping video. The six minute clip details the guys performing “Deyðir varðar” in a stripped version while the solar eclipse takes place, with the aid of Kenneth Jørgensen from Phenexus Productions.

It didn’t come as a big surprise, to be honest, when I heard about the idea, nothing with this band is ordinary and that’s a positive thing. Their music is extremely intense and cleverly crafted with compelling lyrical narratives. They’re gaining more and more meaningful international acclaims because of their original approach to the music and concept.

“Deyðir varðar” comes of the band’s 2013 album “Evst” and is my favourite Hamferð track. They haven’t written that many songs yet since forming back in 2008 but what they put out is of utmost quality. For contrast, you can check out the original heavy version of the track below.

Back to the video. The sheer majesty of the clip is a sight to behold, definitely worth seeing. It has an epic and eerie quality still after watching it countless times. The melancholic music combined with the landscape setting and the three figures passing into darkness for a couple of minutes before appearing again will leave a lasting impression. The video is approaching 300.000 clicks and was recently chosen as “video of the year” at the Faroese Music Awards.

If this has made you curious, feel free to check the band’s Facebook profile here.

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