Audiofeast Aftermath – april 2016

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I remember a time when Moonsorrow released monumental albums every second year. There’s been longer pauses between the last two albums, I don’t mind the wait to be honest because everytime this band returns with an opus, it’s a statement of musical brilliance. The end result is always ridiculously awesome and visionary, “Jumalten Aika” is no exception.

“SLAUGTHER OF YOUR SOUL”! A lyric line taken from “Nailed To The Grave”. You gotta love the play on words and testimonial references in bands playing an old school genre of metal. Me and Interment clicked instantly. Ugly and vicious Swedish death metal. “Scent Of The Buried” has just the right amount of tribute and freshness to it.

More than an hour of new Novembre music! I’m a huge fan of “Classica” and “Novembrine Waltz” and “URSA” definitely has some throwback moments to those records but sounds unmistakably like a natural progression from “The Blue”. It’s somehow comforting that a band can be absent for almost a decade, release an album and pick up right where they left.

Cult Of Luna’s latest conceptual mammoth is proof that sometimes you have to let in people from the outside. This collaboration with American songwriter Julie Christmas  sees a profound declaration of post metal art emerging. You feel catharsis after having been through “Mariner” and that’s the ultimate reward for both listener and band. Album of the year material right here!

The eclectic and solitary Norwegian returns with another album of progressive weirdness. I had problems appreciating everything on “Arktis”, that’s a first with this guy. Plenty of memorable and well rounded songs. This time there were a few tracks that didn’t have the same strong and cultivated avantgardeness, that usually pulls me into the strange yet enjoyable universe of Ihsahn.

“Unortheta” is one sick album! The sinister and absolutely tearing atmospheres concocted on the tracks is an affirmation to the potency of death and black metal music when joined together in a dissonant and layered sound production. The vocals provide an otherworldly aura, strengthening the dark and violent expression. Another contender for album of year here at EMV.

While numerous online medias were circulating a story of internal strife, I was busy enjoying the crap out of “Gore”. The usual Deftones quality standards, gorgeous sounds, experimental edges and badass heaviness. “Phantom Bride” was a track that really stood out for me. The album also reached number two in the billboard charts. Much deserved.

One of the significant doom metal bands of the past ten years, The Foreshadowing. This band always puts out great albums of woeful and serenading metal music, rich in gothic atmospheres and searing lead guitars. “Until We Fail” begins as a gently lullaby but builds up to an enveloping doom metal epic towards the end. “Seven Heads Ten Horns” is a strong release that’s worth checking out.

Despite a few off-kilter song titles (“Nursed By The Cold” and “Reckless Abandon” spring to mind), October Tide’s fifth long-player is a triumph of Swedish doom metal supremacy. Fredrik Norrman demonstrates yet again what a great songwriter and guitar player he is, just listen to the album closer “Coffins Of November”. This one sits better with me than “Tunnel Of No Light” did.

Whereas Ihsahn might have misstepped a bit with his latest album, Samoth still destroys on the new The Wretched End platter! The guy is the embodiment of extreme metal, add drumming beast Nils Fjellstrøm (Dark Funeral) and you just can’t go wrong. Brutal and atmospheric. Check out their rendition of Bel Canto’s “Dewy Fields” by the way.

Over the top, tight as fuck, brutal, dark, brutal, brutal! That’s the new Aborted album “Retrogore”. The last album didn’t really grab me and “Global Flatline” wasn’t particularly memorable either, but this one puts the band back on the death metal elite pedestal. “Whoremageddon” is a relentless track with some insane melodies.

Darkend’s new album came as a bit of a surprise. Never heard of them but really glad about the fact that I spent some time with “The Canticle Of Shadows”. This is an underground gem worth checking. The songwriting, sound production, conceptual approach, all is done with passionate determination and it sounds compellingly flashy and highly dramatic. Recommended!

You’d think a band like Fallujah would generate polarising opinions among the cocky metal masses right? That’s not what I’m seeing or hearing. It seems like everyone can get behind this band, maybe because they’re just that good and forward-thinking. I’m a fan after “Dreamless”. This is an interesting take on death metal, adding dreampop atmospheres and intricate progressive structures. Pushing boundaries, that’s what this band does.

Finally, the time came where I had to succumb to this UK prog band. The simple truth about Haken is that they’re a fantastic progressive metal band. Their latest album combines melodic hooks with top class musicianship. “Affinity” was a definite highlight of the last month and an album I will undoubtedly be returning to at some point.

This has been an EMV publication on extreme metal music. Hopefully, you’ll get something out of it. As always, if you want to skip my descriptive powers, check out the full assembled playlist below. Feel free to write me comments below or message me on Facebook if you’ve got some feedback. I’ll be back in June with another EMV Audiofeast feature!

EMV playlist – Audiofeast April 2016

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