Audiofeast Aftermath – May 2016

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So many notes! It’s  a bold move, channeling a massive 70+ minutes conceptual statement of restless progressive thrash metal in 2016. This is exactly what Vektor has done with their third album “Terminal Redux”. Maximum scifi-thrash metal mayhem that sounds like Helloween and Sylosis on crack and that’s just scratching the surface. That sentence alone ought to be enough to draw attention. Check out “Pillars Of Sand” and prepare for some serious jaw dropping!

I must say I was positively surprised by the latest Glorior Belli album. I don’t consider myself a fan or devotee of this band, but “Sundown (The Flock That Welcomes)” has definitely started the process of me becoming one. This is some pretty cool black metal that’s epic and groovy and not as outlandish as I expected. “Satanists Out Of Cosmic Jail” is a killer track displaying old school black metal urgency.

I’ve said it so many times before, an unsigned band is a band one ought to check. The underground is an exciting place, which Chicago’s Polyptych are another proof of. “Defying The Metastasis” is a progressive extreme metal gem with admirable musicianship and songwriting. I’ll just stop there and recommend the shit out of this album. Respect and hails ad infinitum!

Was it worth the wait? A lot of people have asked this very question. My answer is yes! “The Fall Of Hearts” is the next step in what now has become the secluded songwriting nest of Renkse and Nystrøm, where both explore death, depression, isolation and other cheerful topics. New drummer, new dynamics, an abundance of progressive shifts and atmospheric releases. Basically more of everything. The evolution of Katatonia never ceases to amaze me.

Gutter Instinct are the height of the latest band arrivals within Swedish death metal. They deliver a classic sound on their debut album “Age Of The Fanatics” with a slight crust influence. I love the uncompromising sound of these songs, so ridiculously filthy and intense, reaching the borders of black metal at times. “Death Cult” is a prime example of this band’s savage excellence!

The next big thing in progressive death/doom metal? This band has slowly been crawling from the underground since 2008. The Opeth comparisons can easily be justified, but Falun’s In Mourning have their own take on the whole epic death metal songwriting infusing some doom and gothic metal elements here and there. “Afterglow”, to me, is a much better constructed album than “The Weight Of Oceans”, some very inspiring moments on this record.

Musta Metalia! Behexen I’ve recently discovered and damn if this isn’t some of the blackest metal I’ve laid my ears on. Finnish black metal, pitch black, all consuming. The band’s latest album “The Poisonous Path” features both aggressive stylings and more ceremonial mid-tempo tracks, clad in the expertise sound productions from Necromorbus Studios. Check out the closing track “Rakkaudesta Saatanaan”, a doomy hymn dedicated to all things black, beyond black and beyond…

There’s a lot of praise coming towards Death Angel’s new album “The Evil Divide”. This album screams “throw yer horns” and “THRASH ’til deth”! It’s a call to arms for metal fans, to gather around the music, the love for this type of music, nothing else, as exemplified on the anthemic “Lost” and the tough-as-nails opener “The Moth”. Thrash metal is alive and well in 2016!

Denmark’s veterans Illdisposed have been churning out albums every second year since 2004. “Grey Skies Over Black Town” stands out as a bit more experimental than the rest of their discography without doing anything that’s drastically straying from their core sound. “My Flesh Is Sealed” has got some sick black metal passages mixed with gothic sounds and pummelling death metal grooves, topped by Bo Summers inimitable vokills.

Top of the line, uncompromising black metal, forged in Finland. True Black Dawn has been lying dormant for many years, experimenting with sounds, mutating, refining, keeping the underground guessing. This band is in so many ways, an extreme metal scholar’s wet dream, plenty of mystery to unearth and badass “trve black metal” to enjoy.

This has been an EMV publication on extreme metal music. Hopefully, you’ll get something out of it. As always, if you want to skip my descriptive powers, check out the full assembled playlist below. Feel free to write me comments below or message me on Facebook if you’ve got some feedback.

EMV playlist – Audiofeast May 2016

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