The annual Tuska Festival is only two days away! Here’s the second write-up of three, dealing with my schedule on Saturday. This day has mostly bands that I haven’t seen before, which makes things all the more exciting!

In my opinion, the self-titled With The Dead debut was without a doubt THE heaviest album of 2015. The British trio executes dense doom metal with a clear stoner rock influence, which is sure to shatter your head into multiple pieces in a live situation. Ridiculously stoked about this one!

Primordial, Ireland’s flagship of metal, no doubt. I’ve had a couple of opportunities of seeing this band live, but somehow I stand today without knowing what that experience might be like onstage. A paradox, since I’m deeply passionate towards the band’s discography!

I’ll take a peek at the KVLTified rebels in Tsjuder. Admit it, you gotta have some trve Norwegian black metal at a metal festival. Omnium Gatherum… well… you know where I stand with this band. Pretty much THE most relevant band within melodic death metal, or adult oriented death metal as it were, always a treat to see live.

I should check out Obscura as I was really pleased with their latest album “Akroasis”, I wonder how good this juggernaut of technical heaviness goes down live. Another album scoring high points with EMV is “For All Kings”, recently murmured to be potentially the last Anthrax album. I managed to catch the thrash veterans at this very festival in 2014 and what a show it was, high-level energy from start to finish. The old school kid in me is already getting fired up for another round!

Then there’s Swedish occult rockers Ghost. Much like Kvelertak , which I had mentioned in the first write-up, here’s a band steadily gaining recognition and is much talked about. I know there’s a lot of fun and games involved with the aliases, the secret identity etc, but I recently learned that the band does have plenty of well written, catchy tunes. I especially looking forward to see this show, how the music interacts with the visuals.

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