It’s showtime tomorrow! The nineteenth edition of Tuska Festival is going down and the Extreme Metal Voyager will be there to witness it all and wreak havoc with serious note-taking and edgy observation, loaded with all kinds of perkele shortage armed with the occasional Lonkero! Here’s the last pre-festival write-up, some big bands have been casted for the final day.

For KVLTness sake, I’m not getting into any kind of debate about whether or not Myrkur’s rise to the spotlight can be justified. All I know is that there’s been smart promotion tactics employed from day one. Get people talking and they’ll check out the music. Simple. I’m excited to see this live, been wanting to form an opinion about this for awhile now.

Next up are U.S. hardcore giants Hatebreed! I’ve recently had an awakening with this type of metallic sounds, so the timing for Jasta and his merchants to deliver is spot on! Should be a killer live show! Being able to see Diablo live, puts everything into perspective. Not only does the band have a groove that’s unmatched but the lead guitar work is jaw-dropping as well. This one has a special anticipation level that has been built for a decade now.

The last batch of bands, also rounding off the festival, are three significant bands with very different sounds. Gojira are first up. The band has been on my list of live bands ever since latching onto “L’Enfant Sauvage”, so yeah I’m a late-bloomer in this case. Whether they manage to save the planet or not is another discussion, but I’m sure they are able to inspire onstage. The next band is Katatonia, the world’s best answer against hyper-modernity. Not exactly your typical festival band, but introspection goes beyond clubs and cathedrals. An avid fan since the late nineties, really excited to catch the Swedish mourners again. Closing the festival we have “something” that has partially become “wild” again. Children Of Bodom, not the same bastards they used to be, but this is sure to be a huge party with showmanship and musicality at the forefront.

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