It’s been roughly four months since four entities stood onstage sparking sounds of revolutionary ilk, at least when looking at metal music on The Faroe Islands. Initially baptised as Svartideyði (black death), the four mystics, Pest, Kríggj, Deyði and Hungur, have collectively transformed into Svartmálm (black metal), after being declared as winners of the Wacken Metal Battle back in March.

The change of name signals an almost quantum leap in Faroese metal; a sudden progress with the arrival of black metal music, which hasn’t really existed in any form, at least not to my knowledge. The musicians involved are extremely accomplished with many years of experience in writing and performing music in a wide range of genres. In my interview with the band (read here), I asked the band members, if it felt any different performing this kind of extreme metal music, to which the answer was: it’s a way of getting in touch with emotions that the musicians don’t get to express in daily life with other projects worked on.

Photo Credit: Eija Måkivuoti Photography

The band’s approach has been an enigmatic one. Prior to the metal battle, there was limited information to obtain, nothing but unconfirmed murmurs and a thirty second teaser with a sinister chord being rung alongside the black and white visuals of a lighted candle unveiling the band’s logo.

Soon the band will be performing at the metal battle finals at Wacken Open Air. It grieves my heart, that I missed the performance at G! Festival, which took place last week. Thankfully, a new song titled “Deytt Ljós” (“Dead Light”), has been tracked from the concert and now released for us mortal fools to savor! The track itself contains a searing, ominous melody that’s simple, hypnotic and the perfect supplement for the raspy vocals. The track progresses into vicious blastbeats, dreary doom atmospherics and almost psychedelic guitar tricks, an interesting mix of sounds seamlessly flowing together. The benchmark is set and it is pretty damn high! Check out the track below. You can also download the track for free at the band’s bandcamp page.

So be sure to catch Svartmálm at the Wacken metal battle finals. Wednesday, August 3 at the Headbanger Stage, 1.55PM to be more precise!

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