Back in February I reviewed a rather obscure item. “Deception Through Your Lies” is not a game-changer by any means, but it has potential, and there’s a certain honesty behind it and sufficient doom metal qualifications to build upon. Originally this interview was scheduled before summer. Sudden conflicts in schedules led to postponing it several months due to a busy summer timetable for yours truly. Nevertheless, I managed to get a chat with Womb singer Emilio on a Friday morning in August. Better late than never!

Good morning to you Emilio! Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. How are things in Spain?

Emilio: Thanks to you for this. Well, things in Spain are complicated to explain in a simple phrase, so… things are “ok” I guess.

Let me try to be a bit more specific. How are things going in the Womb camp? You released your debut album earlier this year. How has the reception been towards the album?

Emilio: Well, we are preparing our next album. Our debut album has, in my opinion, had a good reception. Good critics and it reach the proper public.

Can you tell a bit about the creation of “Deception Through Your Lies”? Are you satisfied with it yourself as a musician, now that some time has passed since the release of the album?

Emilio: The gestation of “Deception Through Your Lies” take us over 9 – 10 months. It was a complicated but satisfactory process. First of all, we have some changes in our formation, but we continue with the process of creation of this album. Between alcohol and long night conversations in our rehearsal studio, we create the five songs of the album.

We are satisfied with it ourselves, but with the pass of time you look at this like a past version of you. Maybe in the future, if the things go well, we can afford to remaster this album, like other bands do with their albums.

Alright. Did you record, mix, master the album yourselves?

Emilio: We record, mix and master the album in Mystic Land Studio, which belongs to two members of Womb (Phalcor and Asz). The studio can be located here – https://www.facebook.com/mysticlandstudio/

Womb album cover - hires
Deception Through Your Lies

Ok! I really liked some of the tracks of the album. I think you have something interesting going on; an intriguing mix of doom, black and post metal. What were the influences, musically, when writing these songs?

Emilio: Our influences are from early doom/death metal, funeral doom, post metal and black metal, your are right. If we can talk about bands, then I would mention, Panopticon, Doom:vs, Ahab, Evoken, Officium Triste, Xasthur, Saturnus, Anathema, Loss, Ataraxie, ColdWorld, Lustre and many more.

Some killer names there. There is very limited information about the band online, can you tell a bit about its origins and the history of Womb?

Emilio: The origins of Womb are uncertain. I remember a conversation with Asz about music. We talk about the topic that there is a kind of magic in music. This conversation took place in 2007 in Seville.

After this, over 2010 – 2012, the idea of making a doom metal band was persistent in my mind. So over 2014, I talked with Alastor about this idea, and we began with Alastor as guitarist and other members. After the recording of the demo, we called Asz to the band, we knew he was interested in being part of this project. Alastor and Asz are close friends and work very well together. And then Phalcor enters the band, after we test some keyboard players, we know that the knowledge about the atmospheric metal will be good to the band.

We began to record the album. For some personal reasons, we had another change in the band after the recording of the album. Phalcor as bassist, Alastor as drummer, Asz as guitarist and I as vocalist. And we began to prepare the next album.

Interesting. I see on different sites that the band is formed in 2014, but the truth is that the idea goes quite a few years back in time. Have the different members in Womb been involved in other bands during that time or in the past in general?

Emilio: We are involved in bands in the past and now. Phalcor with personal projects (Windblown) and another with hidden identity. Alastor with personal projects too and with the black metal band Winterstorm. Asz with personal projects like (Arrebol, Windblown) and with the black metal band Winterstorm.

And I in the past with Vikingore and some collaborations in the scene. Now I am in Shattered Sigh (Bcn) and in Womb (Svq), and also with other two projects.

If we look at the lyrical side of things, the album title points at heavy subject matters. Are there some kind of themes being worked on here, or are the lyrics individual stories to interpret?

Emilio: Well, this is complicated to explain. The themes we were working on are all the negative feelings / thoughts which come to us in life, or positive feelings / thoughts, but it tends to be the negative ones. They are based in my personal way of seeing life and are, like every text, to be interpreted by the listener / reader with his/her personal experiences.

Ok, now correct me if I’m wrong, but the band self-released the album first and then it got a re-release through Solitude Prod. and Hypnotic Dirge Records right?

Emilio: Correct. We release the album on our own bandcamp site to reach some labels and to show our work.

How did you connect with both labels?

Emilio: By email. We sent some emails to a few selected labels. They contacted us and showed interest.

Have you played any shows in support of the album? Is Womb even a band that takes the stage?

Emilio: We are not playing any shows to support this album. But in the near future, we will do some shows and we are open to do shows for the next album.


Womb band

From what I can read, you are based in Seville. Correct?

Emilio: Correct, based in Seville with connection to Barcelona.

Ok. I’m interested to know if there’s a healthy music/metal scene in Seville and Barcelona?

Emilio: There are bands, there is activity. More in Barcelona than in Seville.

Any interesting bands that one should check out?

Emilio: From Seville: Orthodox, Andhord, Monkeypriest, Pylar, Neter, Purulent Necropsy (and Vikingore if I have to name one of my own projects). From Barcelona (there are a lot of bands): Ered, Decapitated Christ, Dejadeth, Graveyard, Old Blood, Cauldron, Vallum, Atrexial, Perennial Isolation, Human Carnage and more

And are there many concerts arranged locally? Is Seville a typical stop when bands from abroad go on a tour?

Emilio: Well, not yet. Some bands go to Seville but we are working on it to bring more bands to here.

Ok. so I’m going to slowly round off the interview. What is next for the band? You mentioned you were working on a new album? How far are you into the process?

Emilio: We are mastering the album right now and in a few months it will be released (I hope)

Through the same labels?

Emilio: It depends on the label’s viewpoint. Let’s see.

Thank you again Emilio for taking the time to do this. Better late than never hehe. You have the last words. Is there anything you want to say to the readers of Extreme Metal Voyager?

Emilio: Listen and support the scene and the bands with criteria. Buy CD’s / vinyls / tapes / merchandising and go to the concerts, this is what feeds the scene and bands.

For more info about Womb, check out their Facebook page here

“Deception Through Your Lies” is out now through Hypnotic Dirge Records & Solitude Productions

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