LIVE AT LAST! UNLEASHED IN THE NORTH! Metal gigs on the Faroe Islands are not that frequent. You’re always at the edge of risking recycled bills with the same bands. The scene is small and limited in that sense but still vibrant and continuously developing. Recently we were treated to performances from Iron Lungs, Konqueror and Orion Jam. Two of the more active bands in the scene lately and the last mentioned being a special, old school feature. Dubbed “Fucktober”, the event was arranged by the metal enthusiasts in Upp við Hornunum and held at Reinsaríið, the most treasured venue on the islands.

Fucktober poster – Artwork credit: TRØDL

Ticket count measured around 70-80 people, which is a good turnout. A lot of the audience arrived early this evening. I suspect that this has something to do with the addition of Orion Jam, a newly created cover group featuring musicians that have resided in bands such as Synarchy, Reduced To Ash and Incurse (R.I.P.?). Although I’m not sure if this formation exists beyond this one performance, they certainly didn’t lack ambition, taking on Metallica’s 1986 milestone “Master Of Puppets”, playing it back to back, hence the band moniker.


Metallica, the band you love to hate since 1991, has had a significant influence on both waves of Faroese Metal since the start of the nineties. Tonight’s performance was a fitting tribute, now that said album has turned thirty years and continues to get praise from newer generations of metalheads and music lovers in general. Anxious to witness this show, I imagined this would either be very entertaining or super awkward. The guys had a rough entry with “Battery” and the album’s title track, sounding a bit jittery, including panic-stricken looks coming from behind the drumkit. However, from there on, all the way from the stomping “The Thing That Should Not Be”, through the challenging dynamics of “Disposable Heroes” to the thrashtastic finale of “Damage Inc.”, the band pulled through with sheer metallic attitude, playing their buttocks off. “Orion”, the album’s instrumental, and in my opinion true centerpiece, sounded incredibly good, as did “Leper Messiah” and “Disposable Heroes”, all imperfections considered. Encore featured fired up versions of “Seek & Destroy” and “For Whom The Bell Tolls”. Kudos to the guys! Pulling this of with very limited rehearsal time is quite an achievement, while at the same time writing Metal history on these small islands. I guess even Metallica themselves had this type of passion once.

Orion Jam


Next up were Konqueror. Last time I saw them was at the metal battle back in March. I was positively surprised by their performance on that night, and they seem to have matured on a lot of levels since their inception. Tonight was no different. Down to a four-piece now, the band seems to have shifted to a death/doom(ier) metal sound with some groove parts added for good measure. I enjoyed the performance, being excited by the darker edge of the new material, intense vocals and energizing drums fills. To me, it appears as if they’ve swept their debut album under the rug and turned a new chapter entirely, much like Pantera rebooted with “Cowboys From Hell”. Konqueror feels like a reinvigorated band in 2016!


This year’s metal battle had eleven bands in the line-up. Among those eleven bands, I found Iron Lungs to be my personal highlight of the night. So naturally, I was excited to catch them again onstage at “Fucktober”. Fun, spastic metal mayhem arose from the stage once again. They’re a divider no doubt, you either totally get their left-field approach or you move away from the stage into hiding. The performance was loaded with energy, no surprises there. Ludicrous deathcore breakdown mixed up with creepy progressive passages, Mathcore inspired leads, Hamlet mimicking, abrupt stops… I think there was some kind of occult sermon at one point. Great show! I think they’re the trailblazing band in the metal scene, really stepping outside the box and not giving a flying fuck on what happens around them. They recently recorded a song that’ll hopefully see the light of day soon! Put it out there guys!

Iron Lungs

As the last note of twisted musical scores finished, the metal mayhem progressed further into the night at the local bar Sirkus, ravishing beers and various shots while surrounded by some classic metal DJ’ing!

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Iron Lungs: https://www.facebook.com/ironlungsband
Konqueror: https://www.facebook.com/konquerormusic

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