Checking out underground bands onstage. Is there a better way to kick off the new year? Probably, but not in the case of the extreme metal voyager. Constantly hungry for new, filthy, strange, challenging music, the time approacheth for “The New Shit” showcase in Copenhagen, which is taking place this weekend at Pumpehuset.

Previously, I had talked to Søren Weiss Kristiansen from, organizing the showcase, about the concept, the Danish metal and other topics (read here). Now I turn my eyes and ears on the bands participating. The plot thickens!


BAEST: This band, I’m actually quite familiar with. Formed as Bæst in 2015, this death metal unit from Aarhus is making itself known throughout Denmark, having played numerous gigs (of which I’ve had the pleasure of witnessing three) and releasing the EP “Maria Magdalene”, which is a great starting point imo, they’re brewing up some killer songwriting qualities. Gearing up for the Devastation tour 2017 (also featuring Spitanger), the frequent live performances taking place, reassures the fact that Baest are a wrecking live force, tearing up an old-school vibe of death metal brutality and melody from both European and U.S. schools. Check out one of their older tracks below.

SVARTMÀLM: Now this is a special treat. First time in Denmark, Svartmálm are bringing esoteric aesthetics to the stage at The New Shit. My enthusiasm towards this formation is well documented, as is my coverage. Originally formed as Svartideyði at the beginning of 2016, the band has single-handedly concocted and defined black metal on The Faroe Islands. Their debut performance at the local Wacken Metal Battle, announced a shift in the metal scene, crucial to its development. Rumored to be releasing something later this year, it’ll be interesting to collect the feedback from the Danish shows. Below is a track filmed at G! Festival 2016. My goosebumps are getting goosebumps!

THE RITUAL: Lately, I’ve been listening extensively to this band’s 2015 EP. Formed in the same year in Copenhagen, The Ritual ooze of seductive and invigorating songwriting. Imagine a cross between Pain Of Salvation, classic Zeppelin rock and some of the more soulful stuff from Zeal and Ardor. Taking heavy inspiration from Native American culture, the atmospheres within the songs have a foggy “heal yourself from within” character coupled with alluring indie-rock buildups. It’s a very exciting mix of styles that has an earthy pulse but still sounds otherworldly and catchy at the same time.

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