Hark! “The New Shit” showcase draws near and there’s no time to waste in getting to the second and final write up on the bands, whose impending live shows will do well to entertain my clandestine, voyaging mind. Now, the last three bands, activate spotlight!

Oh… by the way. If you didn’t read part one and two of this ongoing coverage, they can be accessed here and here.


SILHOUETTE: The last band to be announced for the showcase, self-described dark rockers Silhouette have managed to whip up a healthy buzz around themselves. Like some of the other bands included on the bill, they’ve played around in Denmark but have also done an Eastern European trek last year, which says something about DIY ethics. The songwriting skills on their EP display advanced ranges from engaging rock anthems to more psychedelic, lingering epics, bearing similarities to seventies occult rock. Fresh from the carving cosmos, the newly released track “My Avidity” firmly captures the aforementioned dynamics.

DREICH: Undoubtedly the nastiest sounding band on the bill. As far as I know, Dreich have only issued one split release (with the Irish band Mares Of Diomedes). The three songs featured have a discomforting, nauseating aura with agonizing vocal expressions and massive, sludgy, crust-induced attacks. Loud, filthy, unpleasant, fantastic. Also a band that is steadily roaming about when it comes to live activities, having supported Mantar and Dopethrone in Denmark, but also played gigs in Germany and the Netherlands. Scheduled to play Dark Mental Festival in May, which I might be going to as well. Arguably one of the grimmest sounding bands from Denmark at the moment.

IOTUNN: “The new hope for Danish metal”. This declaration has resounded a couple of times in the significant positive reviews that Copenhagen’s Iotunn have garnered for their EP “The Wizard Falls”. The quartet’s history dates back to 2009, so not exactly a newcomer per se, but it explains the controlled diversity of the songs, as there’s a refined touch to the adventurous arrangements. I did get to catch a performance of theirs last year in Stengade, which exuded all things progressive, metallic, and epic par excellence! Currently producing their next batch of material, I’m curious if they’ll pull some of the new stuff this weekend.

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