TRVE OKKVLT MATH-ARTCORE! That’s a bold, politically correct description about the genre you’re playing. Then again, Iron Lungs are a bold band, daring to be different while the masses fondle each other in a pseudo form of “critical consensus”.

After a couple of years of toiling in the live circuit and dabbling in various recordings, the Faroese band has now released their first proper song in the six minute atmospheric stomper “Andromedan”. Steady, elephantine marches, through neanderthal breakdowns, artsy melodic pitstops, desperate incantations and brutal growls, there’s no denying the energy and trailblazing fusions at work.

Iron Lungs – Photo credit: Bárður Hansen

Regarding the newly released track, singer Fríði Djurhuus had the following to say: “It’s an incomprehensible mess, meant to reflect my infatuation with the occult, Lovecraft, sci-fi, theatrics and phallus symbols. We’ve chosen to release this song as a standalone single because we are proud of it, but don’t think it would fit well on an album with any of our other material, as it was written way back in 2013. It’s the third time we’ve recorded something, and the only thing we have felt comfortable putting out; the others being quite shit, partly due to our own incompetence.”

Well tickle my anus and call me Lola, because I think Mr. Djurhuus is being all too modest. There’s plenty of edge, wonderfully organized parts with depth and an attitude that states “haters will be subjected to chthonic horrors”, all concocted in this track, which is only the beginning of this grimoire about nethergods, astral projections… and yes, symbols of erections as well!

Stream or purchase “Andromedan” at the following links:


Extreme Metal Voyager digital domains:

Spotify: extrememetalvoyager


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