Alright, it’s time to whip up another mixtape, since it’s only been like six months since the last one. This one features songs from albums that have been released in the past month, and no, there certainly wasn’t room for anything off “Catharsis”, as the EMV mixtape is fully and thoroughly quality assured. Enough! Let’s go to the tracks!

Shining – Gyllene portarnas bro
Album: X – Varg utan flock

A band that likes to shock, which causes much debate, which again makes your band relevant. However, and thank the beast, there’s some great, progressive, atmospheric music to go with all the drama. Love the brooding main theme on this track!

Sinistro – Cravo Carne
Album: Sangue Cássia

The sound of a band branching out and refining their very own brand of the post/sludge doom metal variant. Grander in atmosphere yet also more visceral in places.

Watain – The Fire Of Power
Album: Trident Wolf Apocalypse

More than ever, this band is striving for a piece of Lucifer! The attitude on this album eclipses many of their contemporaries, but there’s also room for epic, devilish marches like on “The Fire Of Power”.

Audrey Horne – Blackout
Album: Blackout

Sizzling hardrock from the evil shores of Norway! There’s some serious smooth twin guitar leads and super catchy choruses throughout the album, the title track being a prime example. First real surprise of 2018!

Corrosion Of Conformity – Wolf Named Crow
Album: No Cross No Crown

The classic C.O.C. line-up is back! Groove marathons and riff celebrations. Could do without all the interludes but the songs on “No Crown No Cross” are high quality! “Wolf Named Crow” is one of my favorite tunes of 2018 so far.

Anvil – Warming Up
Album: Pounding The Pavement

Everything around Anvil changes but they stay the same! It’s Anvil, it’s straightforward, tongue-in-cheek, and deep inside you know the head-banging can’t be stopped! “Warming Up”… it’s a song about warming up before a show! That’s so Anvil!

Hamferð – Hon syndrast
Album: Támsins likam

“Támsins likam” elevates the band’s impressive and delicate songwriting once more, going into wider dynamics and monumental atmospheres, just listen to “Hon syndrast” and let your jaw drop. Granted I am 100% biased here, but the outside world is overflowing with superlatives.

Arkona – V oogonia za beloj ten’yu
Album: Khram

Another surprise! There’s no beer metal at all on this album. Instead there’s an abundance of profound atmospheres and layered songwriting. Much darker than anticipated. Ignorance is such an ugly thing

Anguish – Magna Est Vis Siugnah
Album: Magna Est Vis Siugnah

In doom we trust! More people need to hear this band. They sit somewhere in the middle of the whole doom metal pantheon, picture a mix of Hooded Menace and Candlemass with some aching vocals, not bad right?

Hooded Menace – Charnel Reflection
Album: Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed

Of all the newer bands of this ilk, Hooded Menace is quickly becoming the single most important doom/death band of the present day. “Charnel Reflection” is an archetypical doom metal track yes, but this band understands subtle dynamics, which keeps the music fresh.

Perfect Beings – Annunaki / A Compromise
Album: Vier

This album got a late EMV detection, and I never really sat down with it. It’s an ambitious concept album including all sorts of styles, but with prog rock as the umbrella tag. This track captures a certain Steven Wilson introspectiveness, which I’m a big fan of. Maybe I’ll return to this record and examine it further.



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