So there was no time for a journal entry between this mixtape and the last one. Still there’s been plenty of music penetrating these battered ears. I haven’t listened to Therion’s latest mammoth (maybe someday, one can dream). Meanwhile, the new Harakiri For The Sky album was a detached endeavor; they execute their style well but it tends to drag on for too long with little variation. Recommendations (not included on the mixtape): albums from Apostle Of Solitude, Ataraxy and Crucifyre. Unto the tracks which comprise EMV mixtape number five!

Svartmálm – Deytt ljós
Album: Svartmálm
Label: TUTL Records

Many attempts at intellectualizing this profound musical aura are found elsewhere on this blog. Still haven’t grown tired of this release, which is a seal of quality in itself. “Deytt ljós” is a clandestine portal into realms dimly lit with illuminating gloom. A paradigm shift in Faroese metal!

Saxon – The Secret Of Flight
Album: Thunderbolt
Label: Silver Lining Music

Will “Firepower” match the quality of Saxon’s latest slab of NWOBHM styled heavy metal? My powers of clairvoyance say no. This band stands ever so high-spirited on their twenty-something album, this track being one of many highlights! The eagle triumphs again!

Legend Of The Seagullmen – Shipswreck
Album: S/T
Label: Dine Alone Music

A disappointment. Too much hype, as it tends to be with these collaborations between “spotlight musicians”. This is basically a nervous collapsed version of Mastodon, arguably. Some cool melodic stuff and some of the quirkiness I get, but all in all, the album’s uneven. “Shipswreck” is my go-to track, a catchy mid-tempo rocker.

Portal – Phathom
Album: ION
Label: Profound Lore Records

Abstract blackened death metal. There you go, I might have created a new tag for a sub-sub genre. Whatever’s left of my earthly sanity, I lost while dissecting “ION”. “Phathom” brainwashes for three intense minutes, heaving space and time to nought!

In Vain – Blood We Shed
Album: Currents
Label: Indie Recordings

I was really into In Vain’s first two albums along with the revelation I got reviewing their demo back in 2004. Compelling at the time, more streamlined and less exciting in the present, there’s essentially nothing wrong with “Currents”, but I feel it lacks nerve. As always, Jens Bogren’s mix sounds ace but also lacks that grittiness I crave. “Blood We Shed” is a killer tune though!

Monolithe – Fathom The Deep
Album: Nebula Septem
Label: Les Acteurs De L’Ombre Productions

My favorite sci-fi themed doom metal band. Although not as doomy as their funeral paced concept albums, Monolithe still preserve their mystic sound while going for a more dynamic and progressive approach. There’s songwriting complexity and solemn, lingering melodies mixed with distinct brooding riffage, “Fathom The Deep” is an entrancing astral journey to the void!

Tribulation – Here Be Dragons
Album: Down Below
Label: Century Media Records

One of the more interesting progressive “extreme metal” bands out there. Between cobweb epicness, catchy Swedish melody and Van Halen solo spells, Tribulation once again manage to progress one step further. Perhaps a bit more on the gothic side, “Here Be Dragons” is sure to have the lonely stone-gargoyles dance in the night!

Visigoth – Traitor’s Gate
Album: Conqueror’s Oath
Label: Metal Blade Records

Visigoth are another epic band delivering the old school metal package in a convincing way. “Traitor’s Gate” is the valorous epic off the band’s second album, clocking at seven minutes. The power of this track makes me feel compelled to ride into glory and fight for metal that’s real, only to find out I’m in the think tank that is my office.

Night In Gales – The Abyss
Album: The Last Sunsets
Label: Apostasy Records

This band perfectly combines early melodic death metal with the hooks of “Clayman”, no clean singing involved. A nostalgia trip no doubt, but few bands do this style more competently than Night In Gales. Hard to pick a track, but I went with “The Abyss”, love the melodies in this one and the tremolos are murderous!

Pestilence – Multi Dimensional
Album: Hadeon
Label: Hammerheart Records

The first “second era” Pestilence album that I actually like. Patrick Mameli’s riffs are scorching with both melodic and dissonant qualities, totally in a league of his own. “Multi Dimensional” switches between stomping harshness and high velocity thrash races. Brutal, melodic, experimental and virtuosic.



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