Name’s Fróði Tórálvsson Stenberg, extreme metal voyager.

Based in Tórshavn, The Faroe Islands, metal has always played a huge part of my life. It’s been an integral part of me and has teached quite a few valuable lessons about life and reality. I’ve celebrated this style of music for over twenty years now, I really appreciate its intensity, extremity and sometimes underlying irony, it takes me out of my comfort zone. My interest increases each year instead of slowly growing apart. During hardships, I’ve always turned to metal music, listening, detecting an empowering resonance that has given me relief, especially the more extreme forms.

Extreme Metal music was basically nonexistent on The Faroe Islands in the nineties. You had the classics of course, your Maiden, Priest, Kiss, Metallica, Motley Crue etc. Later on, extreme metal albums were imported for a short time before the internet platforms gave me access on a more frequent basis and a whole new world opened in front of me.

I’m constantly looking out for new bands, searching back and forward, left and right. An obsessive record collector. I’ve done hundreds and hundreds of reviews, interviews, articles at sites like Urkraft and The Metal Observer since 2002. The opportunity of joining a metal community has exposed me to a lot of metal music… A LOT! Good, bad and just plain weird, the sub genres are plentiful. It’s been an interesting ride. Having this outlet, I’ve considered myself as an ambassador for Faroese Metal through my position as a writer at the aforementioned websites, promoting them whenever there’s been releases.

I feel that I’ve started Extreme Metal Voyager for the right reasons. It’s all about the music, first and foremost, like a digital tape trading “underground enviroment”. There’ll be a staggering amount of link posting of old favorites, new discoveries, left-field guilty pleasures and so on. I’ll post my personal recommendations, review albums, do some interviews and hopefully write some interesting articles about all things Metal. I’ll try to keep the content varied and interesting. Everything kept with a healthy sense of sarcasm, irony, enthusiasm and loathing. I do not apologize for the amateur level, I call the shots here.

Find me here:

WordPress: https://extrememetalvoyager.wordpress.com
Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/extrememetalvoyager
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/extrememetalvoyager
Spotify: extrememetalvoyager

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